Commercial Projects

Sioux Falls’ population growth has been a direct result of the increasing number of jobs available in the city.  New businesses are always coming in to town, and some of them are More »

Charter II

Below are a number of images taken in progress of the Charter II project during the winter of 2007, one of Lloyd Construction’s projects. Pictured at left, wiring the Shoe Carnival. More »

Oakbrook West

Images from the bottom to the top of the Oakbrook West office building, built by Lloyd Construction. Pictured at left: Fixtures above the stairwell.  These can require special care to install; in More »

Jones Office Buildings

These are images from a couple of the single story office buildings built for Jones Construction & Consulting. Offices like these generally house approximately four tenants, depending on the buildout. Pictured at More »

Residential Projects

Hundreds of new homes are built in Sioux Falls each year, and Fink Electric enjoys being a part of the community’s growth.  From starter houses to lavish homes, Fink Electric can work More »

Brandon Home

Built in a housing development between Sioux Falls and Brandon, this split-level home required a lot of power. Pictured at left: Recessed lights above a Great Room. Great for focusing lighting to More »

Hartford Home

These images were all taken during the rough-in stage, before sheetrock blocks the studs where all the boxes and wire need to be placed. Pictured at left: Situated in the middle of More »


Fink Electric – Serving the Sioux Falls area since 1980

Originally, Fink Electric was formed as a one-man shop by Joe Fink in 1980.  Over the years, Joe’s business as an Electrical Contractor has steadily grown, and in that time a lot of things have changed.  Most importantly, Joe became a born-again Believer in Christ in 1988, and the entire focus of his life, and the company, changed.  He has striven to use this company not as a way to get ahead in the world, but as an instrument in helping spread the Gospel to whomever he can.

Other things changed in that time as well.  Sioux Falls has been slowly growing ever since the early 1970s, but in the last 10-15 years it has seen a construction boom that has shown no signs of waning.  New businesses are entering the community almost every week, and the population has grown significantly.

As the focus of the company changed and the town grew, Fink Electric also began to grow more rapidly.  Through the 1990s the company grew to averaging around 10 employees, and tended to focus on wiring projects such as apartment buildings/complexes.  Today Fink Electric employs approximately 30 people, and does work in both the residential and commercial spheres.  To accomodate our growth, Jeff Johnson joined Joe in the office in the mid 2000s, and assumed responsibility for much of the company’s day-to-day operations.

In 2016, Joe Fink decided to retire, and Jeff Johnson is now the new owner. But little else has changed, for our priorities and the quality of our work remains the same.

To learn more about Fink Electric, please visit the links on this page.  Listed are some of our previous projects, as well as other information. We are willing to tackle projects of all sizes, and urge you to call our office if you have any electrical needs or problems.



Get in touch

Though Fink Electric has changed its business focus to becoming more commercially-oriented, we still wire dozens of new homes each year.  From entry level models to million dollar homes, we’ve seen most everything.  And with multiple crews that have a speciality in wiring new homes, we hope to continue our work in the housing market for years to come. Apartment buildings were the first commercial projects that Fink Electric became proficient in back in the late 1980s.  We still wire aparment buildlings every year, but in just the past few years the commercial projects we’ve undertaken have increased significantly to include everything from retail locations in varying sizes, large new office buildings, and call centers ranging in size from 40,000 to 80,000 square feet. To get in touch with us about your electrical needs, please give us a call, or send us an email.  Though we tend to focus on new projects, we are more than willing to do service work and give estimates on remodels, if our schedule allows.
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